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Brewing Coffee for Over 20 Years

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Westmont, IL

Monday - Friday: 5:00 am - 2:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am - 2:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Great Coffee, Great Muffins, Great Prices!

We serve ultra-premium Arabica coffees, with the world's best coffee beans, roasted to perfection.

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We host live music and poetry on the last Sunday of every month. Call us to find out who's coming up:


Coffee Cup

Fresh Coffee At All Times

We've always got a fresh batch working at Brewed Awakening, and you'll know it as soon as you open the door. We roast ultra-premium Arabica beans to perfection, filling our coffee shop with an irresistible aroma - and probably half of Westmont, too! Premium espresso, mixed coffee and espresso drinks, exotic teas and our unique house coffee blends will infuse you. Served alongside the energized, welcoming atmosphere and perfect pastries and muffins, our coffee will inspire you.

You'll love our house coffees

Mocha Java

 A medium-dark roast coffee. This is a smooth, aromatic blend, pleasing to everyone - the perfect coffee to enjoy every day.

Mocha Java Decaf 

 A medium-dark roast, the 100% Columbian decaffeinated counterpart to our premium blend. A pleasing, less jittery way to enjoy coffee every day.

Featured gourmet coffees

We carry many gourmet coffees, too - all roasted to perfection, to take advantage of each of their subtleties and strengths.

Here are a few we feature regularly:
- Guatemalan Antigua
- Costa Rican Estate
- Viennese Blend
- Royal Kona
- Mexican Altura
- Kenya AA
- Jamaica Blue Mountain

Just to name a few!

Exotic Teas for Discerning Tastes

We also serve many exotic, deeply flavorful tea blends, in case your tastes are more fruity or mellow. All of our teas are equally inspirational, and add the perfect touch alongside our muffins, pastries and coffee house atmosphere

Here are some that we carry regularly:
- Extremely Green Tea / Green Tropical
- Earl Grey
- English Breakfast
- Tropical Goji Green
- Spiced Black Tea
- Alpine Berry Herbal (decaf)
- Peppermint (decaf)
- Chamomile (decaf)

We also serve many exotic, organic deeply flavored tea blends.

We also serve juices, soft drinks and flavored iced teas. We've got more than enough variety to quench just about any thirst!

Don't forget to ask about our smoothies and iced blended coffees, too!